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Outdoor Equipment Rental Center

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Our Outdoor Equipment Rental Center (OERC) offers you the opportunity to rent equipment to get you on the trail, 在水上, 或者在山里. Best of all, we offer it for the best price in the Four Corners!

Our staff is dedicated to making sure that you not only get the equipment that you need but also all of the information for your next adventure. The experienced OERC staff can offer great ideas for places to go: ski, raft, backpack, or climb.


星期二:闭馆 Call for Reservations
星期三:闭馆  Call for Reservations
〇星期四闭馆  Call for Reservations
星期五:上午8点.m. - 12 p.m.
星期六:上午8点.m. - 12 p.m. 

Make reservation requests 24/7 by calling 505-566-3221


Located next to the HHPC front main entrance.

Reservations and Availabilities

Gear is on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

联系 us to place your reservation.

(505) 566-3221
(505) 566-3487

Reservation Call is open on our closed days.

Payments can be completed inside the Outdoor Equipment Rental Center. Drive up to the loading dock, gear up, and begin your adventure!

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Outdoor Equipment Rentals

Rent the gear you need for your next adventure!

第一天 额外的天
Raft Package (Raft, Paddles, pfd, 泵, 维修工具,Throw Bag, (Frame Optional)) $90 $50
筏(只) $65 $40
Frame Package (Includes Straps and three oars) $30 $15

第一天 额外的天 2小时租金 4小时租金
Hardshell Stand-Up Paddleboard Package
(Paddleboard, Paddle, PFD)
$45 $25 $30 $40
Hardshell Stand-Up Paddleboard (Only) $35 $25    
Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard Package
(Paddleboard, Paddle, PFD)
$60 $30 $30 $40
Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard (Only) $50 $25    
Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard Kit $60 $30 $30 $40

第一天 额外的天
Sea Kayak Package (Kayak, Paddle(s), Skirt, pfd, Helmet, Bilge 泵, Paddle Float) $40 $25
海上皮艇(只限) $15 $10
Tandem Sea Kayak Package (Kayak, 2桨, 2 pfd, 2个头盔, Bilge 泵, Paddle Float) $55 $25
Tandem 海上皮艇(只限) $45 $20

第一天 额外的天 2小时租金 4小时租金
White Water Kayak Package (Kayak, Paddle(s), Skirt, pfd, Helmet, Float Bags) $30 $15 $15 $20
White Water Kayak (Only)  $15 $10    

第一天 额外的天
Canoe Package (Canoe, 2桨, 2 pfd) $35 $25
独木舟(只)  $30 $12

第一天 额外的天 2小时租金 4小时租金
Inflatable Kayak Package (Kayak, Paddle(s), pfd, Helmet, 维修工具, 泵, (可选配垃圾袋) $50 $30 $30 $40
Inflatable Kayak (Only)  $35 $20    
Inflatable Tandem Kayak Package (Kayak, 2桨, pfd, 2个头盔, 泵, 维修工具, (可选配垃圾袋) $60 $40 $30 $40
Inflatable Tandem Kayak (Only) $40 $30    

第一天 额外的天
2人帐篷 $5 $3
4人帐篷 $12 $6
6人帐篷 $15 $8
睡袋 $6 $4
Sleeping Pkg (Bag and Foam Pad) $7 $5
豪华卧铺. (Bag and Inflatable Pad) $9 $6
泡沫睡垫 $2 $1
Inflatable Sleeping Pad $4 $2
登山杖 $5 $5
双肩包 $4 $3
Backpack Weekend Pack $6 $4
Backpack Climbing Pack $6 $4
Backpack Multiday Pack $8 $5
Roll-A-Table $5 $3

第一天 额外的天
圆盘高尔夫球套装 $5 $2

第一天 额外的天
雪鞋 $12 $8
Snowboard Package (Board with bindings, boots, and helmet) $25 $20
Cross country Ski Package (Cross Country skis, boots, and poles) $20 $15

Equipment Liability Statement and Policy:

  • 携带有效证件, and allow at least 15 minutes when picking up or returning equipment so staff can verify its condition.
  • We require a valid credit card on file for every rental, 但是我们接受现金, 检查, and credit cards for payment.
  • It is recommended that equipment be inspected by Renter for condition.
  • It is the Renter’s obligation to obtain the proper knowledge on equipment being rented.
  • Renter agrees to pay for any damage, 损失, cleaning or late fees accrued while equipment is being rented.
  • Renter will not hold 火博体育, the State of New Mexico, or any of their agents responsible for any injury or accident incurred while using rental equipment.
  • All equipment must be returned by 6:30 p.m. on the due date (a late fee will be charged after 6:30 pm).


  • In order to receive a full refund, the Renter must verbally cancel reservation more than 48 hours in advance of 2:00 p.m. 接机日期. Please call us at (505) 566-3221.
  • If reservation is cancelled within 48 to 24 hours of 2:00 p.m. on the rental date, the Renter will be charged 25% of the total rental cost. (Reservations require a credit card on file).
  • If Renter fails to cancel reservation, the renter will be charged the entire rental fee for the time equipment was reserved.
  • Renter understands that if equipment is returned prior to its due date, no refund of any kind will be issued.
  • Failure to comply will result in 损失 of Rental Center privileges.


  • A late fee will be assessed for each 24-hour period after equipment due date.
  • Late fee for the equipment begins after 6:30 p.m. on the due date, charge will be one-day rental rate for each 24-hour period equipment is past due.
Exterior of Outdoor Equipment Rental Center

电话: (505) 566-3221
(505) 566-3487

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